A2 Londonderry to Maydown
To the north-east of the Waterside area of Londonderry. Links the Crescent Link bypass to the industrial area at Maydown.
Total Length
2.4km / 1.5 miles
None as yet - please contact me if you have any to contribute.
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This dual-carriageway forms the start of the main A2 Derry to Coleraine road. It connects the major industrial area at Maydown, including Coolkeeragh power station, as well as Gransha Hospital and housing to the city. The road then continues on as a single carriageway to serve the City of Derry Airport, Ballykelly and Limavady.

Beginning at the Caw roundabout (where it meets the A514 Crescent Link and A515 Foyle Bridge) the route heads north east to a roundabout at Gransha, before continuing to a second roundabout at Maydown, where the road becomes single-carriageway. A short section of the A2 on the city side of Caw roundabout is also dual-carriageway.

The road is of a relatively low standard following quite a curvy alignment and numerous T-junctions with central reservation crossings. It has a very wide central reservation in places, particualrly at the western end, where the carriageways are sometimes so far apart that they cannot be seen through the vegetation from the opposite side.

There is currently (as of 2009) a plan to extend the dual-carriageway for a further 6km to the City of Derry Airport which is currently trying to expand its services. Click here for latest info.