A1 grade separated junction - Banbridge Road,


Construction scheme (completed)
To grade separate the existing staggered cross roads at Banbridge Road and Rowantree Road, Dromore
Total Length
0.3 km / 0.2 miles

First proposed December 2003

Public inquiry held 29 Mar 2006

Notice of Intention to proceed published early Nov 2006

Contract signed mid December 2007

Construction was due to begin Jan 08 with completion Aug 09 (as of Sep 07)

Construction actually began mid March 2008

Junction completed November 2009, but not opened

Junction opened early February 2010

c£7.5m - is part of a £30m scheme to upgrade 4 junctions
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General area map

A1 on this site, including map

Map showing indicative layout of junction - Roads Service

This is one of four junctions being upgraded on the A1 over the period 2007-09 as part of a single package. The Banbridge Road forms the southern access to the town of Dromore, which sits on the eastern side of the A1 at this point. On the other side of the dual-carriageway is the unclassified Rowantree Road. As with all at-grade junctions on the A1, the main problem is the danger involved in turning right across such a busy road, a problem which causes accidents and delays.

The project involves the construction of an underpass beneath the A1, to the north of the existing road. The link road that passes through the underpass will join the Banbridge Road on the eastern side at a T-junction, will then loop under the A1 and through 180 degrees to join the opposite carriageway of the A1. The Rowantree Road will be realigned to join this loop at a T-junction 60 metres from where the loop joins the A1. The western side of the loop will be in a "deep cutting". The following map (not to scale) shows the arrangement:

In November 2008, Roads Service released a leaflet to the press and public containing the following artist's impression of the junction:

According to Roads Service, in 2001 the average daily traffic here was 24,500 vehicles on the A1, 3,200 on the Banbridge Road and 1,200 on Rowantree Road. At the public inquiry in 2006, no objections were received so the inquiry was opened and closed within a few minutes, and so the plan will proceed unmodified.


6 Feb 2010: Work was underway earlier this week on preparing this junction, which included uncovering the signs, and doing some more tarmacing work on top of the junction. I have not checked over the past few days, but I'm assuming that the junction has now been opened. The junction has, of course, lain completed but unopened since last Autumn. With thanks to Aubrey Dale. The opening of this junction marks the completion of the scheme that saw four of the junctions on the A1 upgraded at once - the other three being Dromore Road, Banbridge; Dromore Road, Hillsborough and Dublin Road, Loughbrickland.

4 Dec 2009: The junction was largely completed by the start of November, and apparently opened for a time during the first half of November. However, the junction has now been closed again and there are rumours that, like others on the A1, it has failed some sort of inspection. As of last week the junction was lying completed but unopened. The photos below were taken by Aubrey Dale about two weeks ago. With thanks also to Aidan Hughes for information.

Looking east under the new underpass (towards Dromore) on 22 Nov 2009. [Aubrey Dale]

The view west from the bridge on 22 Nov 2009. Compare to the photo below. [Aubrey Dale]

7 Sep 2009: Work has now progressed to the point where tarmac has been laid on the approach to the underpass, although not in the underpass itself (pics 1, 2). The bridge carrying the A1 over the underpass is almost complete, although traffic is still running in contra-flow on the northbound carriageway while the southbound carriageway and bridge parapet is constructed (pic 3). Completion looks to be some time off yet. Thanks once again to Aubrey Dale for these images.

Pic 1: Looking west from the A1 bridge towards the approach to the
underpass, now partly surfaced. Seen on 5 Sep 2009. [Aubrey Dale]

Pic 2: View north towards the underpass itself, which has not yet been surfaced
or had its rock sides clad in concrete. Seen on 5 Sep 2009. [Aubrey Dale]

Pic 3: Similar view to pic 2 but taken from further back showing the traffic flowing in contra-flow with the future southbound carriageway beyond. Seen on 5 Sep 2009. [Aubrey Dale]

6 July 2009: Work is progressing well on this challenging scheme, which involves the excavation of a deep cutting through solid rock. The bridge over this cutting is now open, but the cutting itself is not yet completed. When completed, the underpass will require continuous pumping to keep it dry, but at the point site visitor Aubrey Dale visited on Saturday, it was full of water after heavy rain - see pictures below. Completion still looks to be many months away (due in January 2010).

The completed bridge carrying the A1 over the partially excavated
(and flooded) underpass as seen on 4 July 2009. [Aubrey Dale]

The view east along the partially excavated underpass on 4 July 2009. [Aubrey Dale]

1 Jan 2009: In a written answer in the assembly on 28 Nov 2008, the DRD Minister said that the contractor's current programme indicated that the new underpass would be open "by Janaury 2010". This represents a slight delay in the predicted opening which two months ago was being given as late 2009 (see previous update below). Work is well underway: the photo below shows some of the progress in mid October 2008.

The existing Rowantree Road with the line of the new Rowantree Road taking
shape on the left on 18 Oct 2008. The A1 is to the right. [Aubrey Dale]

Update 16 Nov 2008: Roads Service have released a leaflet containing details about this scheme, including an artist's impression of the junction (see above) and confirming that completion is due by Winter (ie late) 2009.

Update 18 Mar 2008: Work has now begun - two months behind schedule - according to Dromore Today and site visitors.

Update 27 Sep 2007: According to Roads Service work is due to begin in January 2008. Some hedge removal has already taken place ahead of the bird nesting season.