M1 Widening - Black's Road to Stockman's Lane


Construction scheme (completed)
M1 motorway in south Belfast, from the limited access junction 3 to junction 2.
Total Length
2.1 km / 1.3 miles

Environmental statement published July 1999.

Scheme go-ahead announced 20 Sep 2001.

Construction began 11 August 2003.

Opened 10 August 2004.

£5.8 million (funded through public/private partnership)
None as yet.
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This scheme constitutes phase 1 of a scheme to widen the M1 to 3 lanes in each direction from junction 3 (Blacks' Road) to junction 1 (Broadway) and then upgrade the A12 Westlink to a 3 lane grade separated urban motorway as far as Divis Street. The whole scheme is due for completion in 2009.

The Black's Road interchange was built in 1988 with east-facing sliproads only. The M1 motorway provides access to Belfast from the south and west and suffers from chronic undercapacity at peak times (65,000 vehicles per day), particularly the two at-grade roundabouts at Grosvenor Road and Broadway on the A12 Westlink. Widening the whole lot as far as Divis Street half way along the Westlink should go a long way to alleviating this congestion.

The scheme itself involved strengthening and widening road bridges, providing high-strength safety barriers close to existing housing and various other enhancements. Currently (May 2005) the new third lane only exists on this stretch which makes it quite odd to use. However, the slip roads at Stockman's Lane have been set back far enough to allow the third lane to continue once the next section is widened.