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We try to reply to all questions. However, due to the volume of e-mails received, we simply cannot reply to all questions and comments. If you send a question and receive no reply, it is not that your mail has not been received - it is simply that we have been unable to reply!

We invite you to read the guide below, before sending mail, in case your question or comment is answered there.


Ireland the Island e-mail guide
If you are sending e-mail to notify us of broken links, or to comment in general on how useful you found the site, we greatly appreciate this. Thank you.

If you are sending e-mail to notify us of factual errors on the site, we appreciate these and add them to a dossier of similar mails and consult them whenever the site is reviewed.

If you are sending e-mail to request permission to use one of the maps on this site for your own purposes permission is hereby granted. They are stated to be in the public domain and can therefore be used without condition. If you wish to, a credit or link back to this site would be nice. The rest of the site is NOT in the public domain.

If you are sending e-mail to request permission to use any other part of this site, our policy is to request people to link to this site rather than copying chunks of information from it.

If you are requesting that a link be made to your own site, we make a list of these requests and (assuming there are no difficulties) add them in due course. We also greatly appreciate reciprocating links.

If you are requesting information that is not posted on the site, it is, unfortunately, unlikely that we will be able to provide it. We invite you to follow the links we have provided to other sites. If you still wish to write with your question, please do, but if you receive no reply you may assume that we do not have the material you need.

We are regrettably unable to answer any questions related to genealogy.

If you are sending e-mail to complain about the use of a term, such as "Londonderry", note that we are fully aware of the arguments for and against using such terms and have already made policy decisions to use/not use them. Therefore it is not worth your while sending such mail.