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Administrative Divisions
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Administrative Divisions in the Republic of Ireland

Administrative Divisions in Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland
Ireland Administrative: Map [11kB] The Republic of Ireland is divided into 30 administrative regions, mostly tied to the 26 constituent counties (county Tipperary is divided in two and county Dublin in four). Each region has a directly elected Council which is responsible for many of the issues of local government. These 30 divisions are shown on the map on the left, with the numbers given in the key below. The counties themselves were laid out several centuries ago by English settlers, and have survived largely unchanged since then.
1 Carlow 16 Longford
2 Cavan 17 Louth
3 Clare 18 Mayo
4 Cork 19 Meath
5 Donegal 20 Monaghan
6 Dublin Corporation 21 Offaly
7 Dún Laoghaire & Rathdown 22 Roscommon
8 Fingal 23 Sligo
9 Galway 24 South Dublin
10 Kerry 25 Tipperary North
11 Kildare 26 Tipperary South
12 Kilkenny 27 Waterford
13 Laois 28 Westmeath
14 Leitrim 29 Wexford
15 Limerick 30 Wicklow


Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Administration: Map [10kB]

Northern Ireland is divided into 26 administrative units, called Districts. Each District has an elected council which takes care of the local aspects of government. Historically, Northern Ireland was divided into 6 counties (Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone) but these were abolished as administrative divisions in 1973. They are generally used by the public, nonetheless, when referring to areas. The 26 District Council areas are as follows (if the council has a web site, a link is provided):