A6 Dualling Drumahoe to Maydown, Londonderry
(Phase 2 of Derry-Dungiven dualling scheme)


Construction scheme (proposed)
Not yet appointed
New high-quality dual-carriageway bypassing the Watedrside of Derry from the existing terminus of the A6 dual-carriageway at Drumahoe to the A2 at Gransha, and an upgrade of the existing A2 dual-carriageway from Caw to Maydown.
Total Length
5.3 km / 3.3 miles

Mar 2005 - Pilot study to select route from Castledawson to Derry announced.

Dec 2005 - Funding announced to build section from Dungiven to Derry.

Feb 2007 - Preliminary route corridor selected.

May 2008 - Five route options published.

6 May 2009 - Preferred route announced.

14 Dec 2011 - Draft legal documents published.
Jan 2012 - Public exhibitions.

24 Sep 2012 to 2 Oct 2012 - Public Inquiry held.
2012 - Large illegal dump discovered at Mobuoy, on route of Phase 2

ca End Mar 2013 - Inspector submitted Public Inquiry report.

24 Feb 2016 - Departmental Statement published.
6 Apr 2023 - Dungiven-Drumahoe element of scheme opened (Phase 1)
2023 - Road has no funding and therefore no current plans to open to tender. Construction date unknown.

200m for phase 2, as of Oct 2021

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This major project was first announced on 13 December 2005 by the Northern Ireland Secretary of State Peter Hain as part of a larger investment package for the city of Derry, and work got underway in 2018. Due primarily to lack of cash, but also due to the discovery of a large illegal dump at Mobuoy, the scheme was split into two phases. Phase 1 was constructed between 2018 and 2023 and saw a dual-carriageway bypass of Dungiven town and dualling of the existing A6 from there to a "temporary" terminus at Lismacarol at Drumahoe. Phase 2 will extend this road cross-country past Drumahoe to the A2 at Maydown on the north-eastern periphery of Derry city. It will also see a section of the existing A2 improved from Maydown to Gransha. The new A6 road will be build to a high quality with two lanes each way, no breaks in the central barrier. There will be no intermediate junctions between Lismacarol roudnbout, which will be grade-separated, and the terminal roundabout at Maydown.

Strip Junction Map

This is a strip map of the design that was published in May 2009, and is still correct as of 2023.


Begins on A2 dual-carriageway, Derry

2+2 lanes



A2 Clooney


(into Derry)

 Local access  

 A2 Clooney


 (to Limavady)

5.3 km / 3.3 miles - 2+2 lanes


A? Glenshane


(existing A6)

(into Derry).




Ends on A6 dual-carriageway, Dungiven

2+2 lanes


19 Jul 2023: I have now created this page by splitting it off from the main A6 Derry-Dungiven page as Phase 1 of the scheme is now complete. Phase 2 is planned to extend the road from Drumahoe to Gransha. Although much shorter than Phase 1 at 5.3 km, due to some very challenging terrain, high land costs and a major bridge over the river Faughan, it has almost the same cost (200m) as Phase 1. This is the main reason it did not happen at the same time as Phase 1 (2018-23). However, a second factor is the illegal dump at Mobuoy which was discovered eleven years ago and which lies directly on the route of Phase 2. Proceeding with the road would require a permanent solution to the Mobuoy dump issue, and that does not seem imminent. The alternative, re-routing the road around the site, is undesirable for DFI as it would likely trigger a second public inquiry during which the road would need to be re-assessed on a stand-alone basis. Given that it was taken through the inquiry along with Phase 1 last time (2012) its economic case looked much better than it would if taken forward separately. My feeling is that this scheme is unlikely to proceed in the next 5-10 years, because there are a large number of other schemes, such as the A5 dualling project, that are a higher priority. The longer the delay goes on the greater the chances that the scheme would have to go through another public inquiry, and for this reason it is possible it may never happen at all.

Updates prior to this point were made on the page for Phase 1, which you can find here.