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Prior to 1150 This period is covered in detail in the section:
Prehistoric and Celtic Ireland.
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are currently being re-written with new maps and pictures.
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1150 - 1300 The Anglo-French in Ireland The Anglo-French Invasion
1300 - 1450 The Norman Decline

Not yet written

1450 - 1541 The English Regain Control

Not yet written

1541 - 1598 The Protestant Reformation and the Offaly & Munster Plantations Not yet written  
1598 - 1629 The Defeat of Ulster and the Ulster Plantation Not yet written

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Historical Maps

1629 - 1687 Civil War in England and Cromwell Not yet written  
1687 - 1691 James 2nd and William of Orange Not yet written  
1691 - 1789 Segregation and the Industrial Revolution Not yet written  
1789 - 1800 The United Irishmen and the 1798 Rebellion Not yet written  
1800 - 1877 The creation of the United Kingdom, Emancipation and the Great Famine Not yet written

An in-depth study
of the Great Famine
can be found here.

1877 - 1886 The Land Leage, Home Rule and Unionism Not yet written  
1886 - 1893 The First and Second Home Rule Bills Not yet written  
1893 - 1914 The Third Home Rule Bill and Ulster's Opposition Not yet written  
1914 - 1919 World War One, The Easter Rising and the rise of Sinn Féin Not yet written  
1919 - 1921 The War of Independence and Partition Not yet written  
1921 - 1925 The Irish Civil War and the Stabilisation of Northern Ireland Not yet written  
1925 - 1932 Building the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland Economies Not yet written  
1932 - 1945 The Economic War and the Second World War Not yet written  
1945 - 1963 The birth of the Republic of Ireland and Economic Development Not yet written  
1963 - 1969 O'Neill and the Civil Rights Movement Not yet written  
1969 - 1972 The start of the Troubles and the Fall of Stormont Not yet written

More details on the Troubles can be
found here.

1972 - 1984 The Sunningdale Agreement and the Hunger Strikes Not yet written  
1984 - 1993 The Anglo-Irish Agreement and Attempts at Talks Not yet written  
1993 - 1996 The First Ceasefires and the Peace Process Not yet written  
1996 - 1998 The Second Ceasefires and the Good Friday Agreement Not yet written

Details of the
Omagh Bomb
can be found here.

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