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From 1998 until now the Irish history pages on this site covered topics from 800AD to 1998. These were arranged as a series of topics. They proved immensely popular.

However, these are now being slowly replaced, by a completely new and much improved history of Ireland that is being especially written for this site! The replacement process is proceeding chronologically.

Features of the new history pages include:

  • Available in two levels of detail - full history and summary history - to suit all needs.
  • Individually prepared maps illustrating key points inserted at appropriate places in the text.
  • Illustrations to reinforce understanding of cultural and historical points.
  • A new section on most pages covering everyday life in the period.
  • Recommended books listed throughout the text with the ability to purchase there and then.
  • Fully cited sources and references.

Understandably, there is a lot of work to be done. The process of replacing the original history pages will take place throughout 2001. The graphic below illustrates how this is proceeding. Bookmark this page and check back regularly!

Completed Pages 30,000 BC - 1300AD
Ice Age, Stone Ages, Celts, early Christianity, Vikings and the Norman Conquest
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Being Written The Norman Decline 1300-1450
Still to be Written 1450 - 2001
The Medieval and Modern periods.
You can still read the original history pages.

Note that special in-depth sections of modern history ARE complete. These are:

The Great Famine 1845-49
The Troubles 1969-
The Omagh Bomb 15 August 1998

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