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General Books on Irish History

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General Irish History - Before 1600 - 1600 to 1969 - The 'Troubles' - Maps - Discovery Maps - Other Books

* Essential Title *

Modern Ireland 1600-1972
By R.F. Foster; Paperback; 1990 [.uk] 1993 [.com]; Penguin; ISBN: 0140132503; 670 pages.

World-reknowned historian RF Foster takes the reader through the best and worst parts of Irish history, through triumphs and tragedies. Starting shortly before the English gained control of Ireland, it traces the development of the Irish people. Not only does he offer intricate analysis of the events, but he uses these to uncover the origins of the Irish nation and builds firm foundations of understanding beneath modern Ireland and the factors that motivate her today.

The Oxford History of Ireland
Edited by R.F. Foster; Paperback; 1992; Oxford University Press; ISBN: 019285271X; 346 pages.

An excellent single-volume introduction to Irish history, this book covers 2000 years, searching through the mists of time to trace the roots of the Irish nation and its unique cultural blend. It unashemedly tackles the question of what exactly defines the Irish identity. As well as these cultural undertones, the book offers an insightful examination of Irish history supported with timelines, maps and an extensive bibliography.

The Oxford Companion to Irish History
Edited by SJ Connolly; Paperback; 1999; Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0198662408; 618 pages.

Written by 87 specialists, this book contains 1800 entries that explore Irish history from the first humans to the present day. It delves into key events that shaped the nation, including women, health, nationalism and religion. By not taking the traditional chronological approach, this title manages to bring together events from various eras and group them together under topics to allow the reader to see how it developed over time. An authoritative and innovative reference guide.

* Essential Title *

Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape
Editors: FHA Aalen, K Whelan; Hardback; 1997; Univ of Toronto Pr / Cork Univ Press; ISBN: 0802042945 / 1859180957; 352 pages.

This stunning and under-recognised book charts the dynamics of all parts of rural Ireland from the ravages of the Ice Age, through the Neolithic and Celtic periods, the Normans, the Plantation through to modern developments. At all stages, it is made abundantly clear how the Irish landscape is intertwined with human history and many chapters are devoted to the churches, castles and houses that characterise rural Ireland. As well as an invaluable reference book, this will give hours of enjoyment for the browser. In their balanced, but not detached, account the editors have put together an intimate portrayal of the Irish rural landscape that deserves to sit proudly on the shelf of anyone who loves Ireland.

A History of Ulster
By Jonathan Bardon; Paperback; 1993; Dufour Editions; ISBN: 0856404764; 924 pages.

Of Ireland's four provinces, Ulster has arguably suffered the most upheaval. From being a stronghold of the Gaels through the Plantation to religious strife and partition, Ulster's history is a fascinating topic in many ways. In this book, Bardon bravely tackles the history of this dynamic land to guide the reader through the events that have shaped the province and the people of Ulster. Annotated with maps, the book covers 7000BC to 1992, the eve of the peace process. An excellent book for anyone interested in tracing the roots of the Ulster question of today.

A Military History of Ireland
Edited by Thomas Bartlett, Keith Jeffrey; Paperback; 1997; Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521629896; 592 pages.

This fully-illustrated collaborative volume deals with all aspects of Irish military history, but especially the relationship between armies and soldiers in Ireland with Irish society in general, ranging from the middle of the first millennium AD to modern times. It offers an exciting new dimension to Irish military history that hitherto focused solely on battles and tactics. Illustrated with 114 photos as well as maps and tables.

New Perspectives on the Irish Diaspora
Edited by Charles Fanning; Paperback; 2000; Southern Illinous University Press; ISBN: 0809323443; 368 pages.

A collection of 18 perspectives on the spread of the Irish diaspora across the planet in the past 3 centuries. Drawing on experience in the fields of history, sociology, literature, folklore and culture, Fannin presents a fresh examination of the people who arguably retained their identity most strongly wherever they found themslves.


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